iEvent Checkin iOS App

Simply using iPhone or iPad to check-in attendee easily.
You can also view check-in statistics in real time

iEvent 簽到iOS 應用程式

View check-in statistics in real time

  • Check-in data by no. of registrations or ticket quantity.

  • Data categorize on different Group.

  • Real time update from Cloud

  • Check who has attended or not yet show up

Check-in by scanning QR code

  • Auto check-in after scanning.

  • Increase speed for the check-in process.

Duplication Check-in handling

紀錄入場後,如再掃描相同的 QR Code,系統會有提示。

  • System will record Check-in date time, and show different message for duplicate check-in.

  • Prevent different attendees using the same QR code to check-in.

  • Can manually delete check-in record.

Multile Sessions Check-in

  • Attendee can bring ONE QR Code to check-in multiple sessions.

  • Check-in to each session separately.

  • Applicable to events that has multiple sessions or held in more than one days

Search Attendee


  • Quickly search by:
    • Name
    • Mobile No.
    • Email address
    • Reference code
    • Company

  • Applicable to attendees who cannot present the QR code

Walk-in handling

  • Input Walk-in on-site

  • Auto check-in after creating Walk-in record

Onsite Name tag printing

名牌列印 Name Tag Label Printing